Did you know?

Almost a quarter of the British population will experience some kind of mental health problem in the space of a year. One in ten will be children. The problems of mental health are obvious, yet the conversation around it still isn’t. For too long mental health has not been a serious point on the agenda of politics, never mind a priority.

We launched the Labour Campaign for Mental Health to start the conversation, to ensure a real choice for our mental health. As we fight for the vision of the next Labour Government, let’s make sure mental health is central to the debate. From education, to economic policy, to healthcare, what can be done for everyone’s mental health must be included.

For if Labour don’t fight for it, then nobody will – look no further than this Government’s record. Rising numbers of children once again being treated on adult mental health wards, a lost generation trapped in a spiraling cycle of poor mental health and unemployment, and the Minister responsible still acting like a campaigner rather than using the power he has to make change.

So let’s work to ensure Labour becomes the strongest advocate it can be. From policy discussion with our MPs, to lobbying our CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), we hope members from across the country will join us in championing mental health. There is so much that can be done early on to help prevent a future of poor mental health.

So join the campaign, help shape the debate, and let’s be the strong voice for mental health that’s desperately needed.

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